SDG 11 : Sustainable cities and communities
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

            The concept to develop university together with environment and quality of life concerns of students and staff, Mahidol University has a policy to encourage walking and cycling as the main traveling within the university. As a result, the important project was constructed to reduce the car lane from 6 lanes to 3 lanes, other 3 lanes have been changed to pedestrian and bicycle lane distance of approximately 2.5 kilometers for exercise and get-together. That results in “Green Lifestyle” from trees beside the pedestrian, creative activities, and variety of campus life, in accordance with the “Toronto Charter for Physical Activity : A Gobal Call for Action” which focuses on wellbeing, physical and mental health, disease prevention, and development of social connection and quality of life.

            Nevertheless, the university still aims to reduce the transportation of car and motorbike on campus, and encourages cycling to increase the number of cyclists on campus. Therefore, the university has provided attractive and convenient environments for cycling, such as construction of additional bicycle routes, providing of additional bicycle parking, providing of public bicycle (White Bikes), bicycle service center, and organizing activities to educate and promote cycling etc. Moreover, the pedestrian and bicycle road maps were created for our students, staffs and visitors.


Mahidol University concerns about safety fist. We also put the bike lane in blue color covering all area in campus to protect students and staff life. That is the best eco-friendly practice in our campus.