Thai Musical Instrument Tuner Application

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Thai musical instruments are important identity that clearly indicate the identity of Thai people. In the past, Thai musical instrument tuning used auditory nerve of Thai musicians for sound tuning, that caused different instrument sound in each school. Accompany with Western music influenced the change of Thai musical instrument sound, and the number of specialists in Thai instrument sound tuning was reducing. That causes many different levels of Thai musical instrument sound, and affects Thai instrument music playing and production. Therefore, there must be a core sound standard for Thai music.

Asst. Prof. Surapong Lertsitthichai who is a director of Creative Economy Center of Mahidol University has created a “Thai Musical Instrument Tuner Application” to develop the tuning system for Thai musical instruments. That application has been developed as a mobile phone application called “THAI TUNER” in both iOS and Android. That is maintaining the Thai music standard along with the society, development of a modernized Thai music tuning, and improvement of unstable frequency of Thai music sound.