Siriraj Volunteer Center

SDG 11 : Sustainable cities and communities
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital recognized importance of volunteer work to help society by instillation of a sense of being giver to staffs and people in the society. Therefore, “Siriraj Volunteer Center” is established to operate through coordination and recruitment of volunteers and activities both within the organization and outside the organization as well as networking among government organizations, state enterprises, the private sector and independent organizations. The objective is to enhance participation in helping society together by maximizing benefits and sustainability of Thai society.

In the past, there are examples of activities that have been conducted such as;

–    Volunteer music from the group “Sing with the heart and give you the love”

–    Volunteer for artificial breast suture

–    Volunteer for canal development in Bangkok Noi

–    Khlong Nam Sai Adjust the landscape by the canals in various areas.

–    Volunteers to collect data (community health)

–    Siriraj Volunteer Doctors, join the generosity to the south

–    Mobile medical unit

–    Sharing kindness to the students at Ban Malu School, Nong Pring (Donate educational equipment and sports equipment)