Ruampon Khon Rak Tonmai

SDG 13 : Climate action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Ruampon Khon Rak Tonmai (The Tree Lovers Rally Project) is a project of carbon capture and storage in biomass Mahidol University has formulated a strategic plan for sustainable management 2015-2019 with a policy to promote “Eco-University” which focuses on sustainable development of university and surrounding communities in accordance with international standards. Balancing of economic, social and environmental dimensions will lead to an effective resources consumption, social equality, and better quality of life for staffs, students and surrounding communities. One of strategies to force into the Eco-University is an encouragement of low carbon society which focuses on reducing of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission from Mahidol University.

Due to the fact that the measurement of greenhouse gas absorption in trees and green areas is an effective method to manage reduction of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Division of Physical Systems and Environment has organized a project called “Ruampon Khon Wat Tonmai (Tree Measuring Rally)” which its objectives are as follows;

  1. To collect information about greenhouse gases absorption by planting trees on the campus
  2. To increase knowledge on calculation of greenhouse gas capture and storage in tree biomass for an effective greenhouse gases management
  3. To develop methods of increasing greenhouse gases absorption

The project was also intended to strengthen the management of greenhouse gas emissions on Salaya Campus where has 5,258 perennial trees on neutral ground of the campus, and these trees are capable of absorbing 2,1790.09 tons CO2eq. From the results, that can strengthen potential of greenhouse gases management, in order to become a low carbon society and a role model for other university in Thailand.