Renewable energy

SDG 9 : Industry, innovation and infrastructure Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Renewable energy is an important energy source for environmental protection. Wind power is a power that has the potential to generate electricity. But in Thailand, the average wind flow is in the middle to the low level, which makes us unable to use energy from the wind currents to produce large amounts of electricity. Dr. Narin  Boontanon, director of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology Development Faculty of Environment and Resource Science Therefore has invented and designed new wind turbines to generate electricity that can generate more electricity by using the same resources such as wind power and generators By designing the windproof to be a rotating propeller in the opposite direction, there are 2 sets of propellers for conveying the wind power to drive the magnetic set and the coils move in a opposite direction In order to reduce the distance and time of the movement of the coil and the magnetic field in the generation of electrical energy, which can produce more electricity than the average walker 200 percent, which works well with low airflow areas and can be built in the form of new technology or modified from the old-style windproof To help the wind turbine generate more efficient electricity and help solve energy and environmental problems Able to be utilized for benefits including not affecting the environment both in the short and long term.