Mahidol University Extension (MUx)

SDG 4 : Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

According to the Mahidol University Strategic Plan 2016-2019, 2nd strategy is an Excellence in outcome-based education for globally-competent graduates. That aims to make graduates able to develop their potential in terms of knowledge, morality, ethics and characteristics to be a transformative leader. The strategy includes academic administration development, studying development, and student affairs, to be able to respond to learning both inside and outside the classroom by applying smart educational technologies and global open access learning-university. Thus, Mahidol University has developed online courses “Small Private Open Courses (SPOCs)” and “Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)” under Thai MOOC and Mahidol University Extension (MUx) projects. An educational technology and E-learning have applied in studying and learning. Learning Management System (LMS) has been applied for development of E-learning and digital platform. MOOCs provides various courses for students, staffs, and public user to learn by themselves via digital platform without charges. This aims to encourage lifelong learning following the sustainable development goals 4: Quality Education.

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