Energy Awards Building

SDG 7 : Affordable and clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Many buildings of Mahidol University have been awarded the Energy Awards as follows;
  1. Mahidol Learning Center (MLC) building has been awarded the Thailand Energy Awards and the ASEAN Energy Awards in Tropical Building category, that is designed to be seamlessly integrated into its environment being well-ventilated, well-lit and giving the impression of a ‘light’ structure in the vicinity of gardens and indoor trees with outdoor trees and shading panels providing natural cooling of the building and reducing energy use. Furthermore, materials with natural textures and features, such as raw bricks, the earthy feature of which offers the feeling of a natural embrace and blend into nature, were selected as well as those with economical characteristics in terms of both durability and lower maintenance. Also, the building provides wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities and stairs for comfortable pedestrian access in order to reduce the cost of elevator usage.
  2. Aditayathorn building has been awarded the Thailand Energy Awards in the Energy Conservation in Building Control category, that is designed to be modern building, beautiful and energy-efficient building related to comply with the strategy of Eco university. The building is a Tropical Architect which is east facing for morning light, natural ventilation, heat protection material, and peacefulness increase with a pool at center.  This integrated design into natural and environment provides reducing energy consumption and maximize efficiency.