Adolescent Clinic

SDG 3 : Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

Adolescent Clinic is established to provide services for adolescent and families as well as Mahidol University’s students. The clinic teaches them on learning, relationships, adaptation, emotions, and behavior in order to develop them to be an adult with life skills in a changing society. Furthermore, the clinic also offers diagnosis, evaluation, counselling, promotion, therapy, rehabilitation, and prevention on the problems caused by physical and mental problems in both adolescent, risk groups and the group that needs to be treated. The clinic also transfers knowledge about the adolescent in various fields, both inside and outside Mahidol University. Moreover, the clinic has cooperation with the Student Affairs Division through the “Mahidol Friends Project”.

“Mahidol Friends” is a free access counseling services providing by the university in order to help students, including emotions, feelings, behavior, education, vocation education, as a way to alleviate anxiety. Mahidol Friends stimulate understanding of oneself and others in order to clearly understand the problem and to be able to find a suitable solution. Moreover, student can walk in either individual or group to Mahidol Friends, as well as alternatively call to consult during office hours or via the Facebook “Mahidol Friends” 24 hours a day.