Land Use Development

SDG 15 : Life on land
Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

Land Use Development

  • Concepts

– Grouping the activity area in the same area.

– Increasing the land use density by preservation of open spaces at least 70 percent of the total area.

– Classifying the area in each activity into sub-block system.

– Identifying important green spaces to preserve as a lung of the university and activity areas for the community.

  • Land Use Classification

Zone 1: Land Use for Education

Block 1/1: Core Education Area

Block 1/2: Culture and Arts Education Area

Block 1/3: Health Education Area

Zone 2: Land Use for Management and Services 

Block 2/1: Mahidol University Learning Center and Garden of H.R.H. The Prince Father’s Areas 

Block 2/2: Prince Mahidol Hall Area

Zone 3: Land Use for Research and Academic Services

Block 3/1: Core Research Center Area

Block 3/2: Academic Services Area

Block 3/3: Research Center Area

Block 3/4: The Southern of Baromrajchonnee Road Area

Zone 4: Land Use for Accommodation

Block 4/1: Students Accommodation Area

Block 4/2: Students and Staffs Accommodation Area (Condominiums)

Zone 5: Land Use for Sports and Recreation

Block 5/1: Sports Complex Area

Block 5/2: Sports Stadium and Recreation Center Area 1

Block 5/3: Sports Stadium and Recreation Center Area 2

Zone 6: Land Use for Public Utilities

Block 6/1: Wastewater Treatment System Building Area

Block 6/2: Environmental Conservation and Organic Compost Production Buildings Area

Block 6/3: Sub-Electric Station Area

Zone 7: Mahidol Wittayanusorn School Area 

Zone 8: Land Use for Commercial 

Block 8/1: Main Project Development Area

Block 8/2: MU Corner Area

Zone 9: Land Use for Environmental Conservation

Block 9/1: Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park Area

Block 9/2: Southeast Green Area 

Block 9/3: Northeast Green Area