About us

About us

Mahidol University is determined to be a world class university. To effectively respond to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 20-year National Strategy of Thailand aiming “Thailand as a developed country with security, prosperity, and sustainability in accordance with the principles of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy”, Mahidol University has developed the Mahidol University Strategic Plan 2018-2037, and “Management for Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Organization” is one of the critical strategies. Under this strategy, extensive initiatives have been developed and implemented towards good administration and governance, human resource with global competency, financial security, information technology-based business intelligence, green university and global branding.

Mahidol University has driven the eco-university policy 2016-2019 for sustainable development on campus and in the surrounding community by creating a balance of economic, social and environmental dimensions which will lead to efficient use of resources, social equality and improved quality of life of staff, students and the surrounding community.

Apart from the environmental dimension, a large number of activities enhancing sustainability in economic and social dimensions have also been actively conducted by Mahidol University. Healthcare service is another remarkable success. We offer 5 university hospitals, 2 dental hospitals and 2 animal hospitals with annual capacity of serving 150,000 inpatients per year and 6,000,000 outpatients per year. In 2018, the University has been approved to increase the capacity for healthcare enabling to serve more people, corresponding to its mission, which is “To excel in health, sciences, arts and innovation with integrity for the betterment of Thai society and the benefit of mankind.”

In 2020, Mahidol University is driving to be a sustainable university according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030. Thus, the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy is applied in the policy of “Mahidol Sustainability Action 2020-2024” which consists of 3 strategies

1. Sustainable Growth

2. Sustainable Resource Use

3. Sustainable community