Community and Social Engagement for Sustainability

Community and Social Engagement for Sustainability
Community and Social Engagement for Sustainability
Networking with stakeholders outside the University
Transform scientific knowledge to the society
Engage external stakeholders in supporting MU sustainable initiatives
Capacity Building
Strategic Goals
1. To increase educational and curriculum quality to be diverse and meets the needs of learners
2. To create graduates with global talents
Strategic Intiatives
1. Develop faculty and staff to be effective in terms of education and student affairs with responses to new teaching and learning process
2. Promote curriculums to be certified in international standards while developing flexible, diverse, interdisciplinary integrated curriculums
3. Develop curriculum according to the national strategy for development and human resources efficacy promotion for general people, especially working age and senior age groups
4. Create ecosystems conducive to learning with modern technologies and international atmosphere, creating a digital convergence university
5. Develop student efficacy and student affair activity management process in response to being global citizens and global talents
6. Actively promote and support alumni network to help developing students and the university
7. Develop educational platform for post-graduate students to increase the amount and quality
Case Study
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    21 Oct. 2565
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm , Organic farming , source of learning for good health of Thai People
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    23 Jun. 2565
    Activities Promote Gender Equality
    As Mahidol University International College recognizes the importance of gender equality, MUIC organizations, including Divisions, Student Affair, Student Association, and Student Clubs, have held several activities to promote gender equality on a continual basis.
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    15 May 2566
    The Social Network Development for Driving Policy of Early Childhood Development in the 10TH Health Region
    Combining the power of social networks to develop model sub-districts and a model district in early childhood development in the 10TH health region based on the triangle that moves the mountain concept and 4 principles of development of early childhood care by local communities: using the area as a base for development; Taking health into account in every policy the creation of having Participation and building a sense of belonging to the local community.
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    9 Mar. 2565
    Thalassemia Prevention and Control
    Thalassemia and other hemoglobin abnormalities are the most common hereditary diseases in Thailand and other parts of the world.
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    15 May 2566
    Project Integrated project of Share Love and Happiness (Pun Rak, Share Suk) and home visits for vulnerable groups
    Project Integrated project of Share Love and Happiness (Pun Rak, Share Suk) and home visits for vulnerable groups is the network partners integrated in sub-district level, district level, and province level for home visit for the complex vulnerable groups with social, health, economic, and environment problem for care and assistance provide a seamless care and for vulnerable groups and improve the quality of life vulnerable groups get better.
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    15 May 2566
    The development of health promotion model and income generation for the older adults at the day care center by community
    The development of health promotion model and income generation for the older adults at the day care center is the creation area for older adults to do activities together every Monday to Friday. There is a working group mechanism in day care center management. There are volunteer teachers to create 12 learning bases and there is a day care center fund for the older adults to support the budget for organizing activities
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    15 May 2566
    Promotion of Human Rights Education in Southeast-Asia
    Promotion of Human Rights Education in Southeast-Asia is one of the strategic programs of the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University. The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) has been engaging in the promotion of human rights education within South-east Asian region for more than a decade. Apart from the human rights and peace academic programs at the post-graduate levels, the IHRP works in collaboration with international organizations to strengthen capacities, skills and knowledge on human rights and peace education for the scholars in Southeast Asian countries. Recently, the focus is on Myanmar scholars whose access to education was disrupted by the coup d’etat in 2021.
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    13 May 2566
    Development of Health Care System and Community Health Through a Healthcare Database (Bangkok Noi Model)
    Developing a "Healthcare Database," a tool for improving project, activity, and knowledge in response to specific healthcare circumstances in the community and connecting all administrative healthcare mechanisms.
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    9 May 2566
    Enhancing student understanding and awareness of the mangrove ecosystem by Using the Mangrove Survivor board game
    The Mangrove Survivor Board game can be used to promote understanding of the mangrove ecosystem that connects land and sea. The game has low costs so it can be used in all contexts both inside and outside the classroom.
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    5 May 2566
    The “STEM & ROBOTICS CAMP” Workshop
    The project "STEM & ROBOTICS CAMP" is an extracurricular program aimed at developing coding skills for both teachers and students. The activities are conducted in three dimensions, including practical coding training for students and teachers, researching and developing teaching processes for coding, and researching and developing coding teaching materials. The working principles of the team are based on the concept that teaching media used in the activities should be affordable, accessible, and the learning process should be easy to understand, engaging, widely available, and sustainable.
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    11 Mar. 2565
    Animal Speak by Mahidol
    Animal Speak by Mahidol with an aim to promote a positive attitude towards animals and educate children and youth regarding animal behaviours and their natural habitats, the university has established ’’Animals Speak [by Mahidol] aired on the Mahidol Kids, Mahidol Channel on Youtube.
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    10 Aug. 2565
    Check dam helps to preserve the soil, increase soil moisture, and bring benefits to the surrounding community and the environment.
    Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus collaborated with Siam Cement Group Packaging to construct 427 check dams to control water flow and reduce soil erosion. A research project monitored the natural resources in the area of the sustainable check dam, revealing increased soil moisture and a return of wildlife. The check dams have decreased flooding and the Kanchanaburi Campus recognizes their responsibility to maintain them.
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