Responsible Consumption And Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Mahidol University strives on being a leader in sustainability in response to the United Nations Sustainability Development Agenda 2030. The university has developed academic activities, research, and people for sustainable communities in consideration of efficient uses of resources, social equality, and better life quality of its faculty, staff, students, and surrounded communities with its 4 sustainability strategies; Research and Innovation, Education, Community and Social Participation, and Management. Optimizing the use of resources and focused by the university through consumption promotion of using products and services that are certified with environmental-friendly label. Fair procurement and recruitment processes provided to all organizations while alternative energy usages are encouraged. The university cooperates with all sectors to create product and service development while minimizing environmental effects. Moreover, waste management is handled with care by promoting waste value increase and reuse, in order to minimize waste, and drive sustainable and quality production and consumption, creating a guarantee planned production and sustainable consumption according to the twelfth Sustainable Development Goal

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    Carbon Footprint
    Carbon footprint of organization is greenhouse gas released by organizational activities, for example, fuel combustion, electricity consumption, waste management, transportation which are measured in tons of equivalent carbon dioxide. These are considered from the 3 scopes.