The university provides scholarships to promote and support students of Mahidol University, at all levels, who have been accepted into our programs and require financial assistance until they graduate. In academic year 2022, The university supports scholarships for students more than 9,016 scholarships, totaling amount more than 100 million baht. This is to ensure they have access to high-quality education which is consistent with the first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 1: No Poverty): End poverty in all forms everywhere, and the fourth goal (SDG 4: Quality Education): Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Mahidol University also has other scholarships for interested students; for example,
Mahidol Medical Scholars Program (MSP) which is salary and benefits will be awarded during programs attending.
The university does not only support students in academic scholarships, but we also promote the production of research studies that are beneficial to knowledge development and knowledge enhancement. These research studies can be brought to solve problems and create new innovations to enhance people and society’s quality of life, to promote a number of highly efficient quality research studies which could have a global impact. 
There are research funds granted by the university. Please contact the Research Management and Development Division, Office of the President, Mahidol University for details of project assessment and funding allocation.
Faculties have provided additional research scholarships. Students who are interested may visit the faculties’ websites for more details for example: the research scholarships by faculty of Dentistry