Green Building

Green Building

Mahidol University has set policies on building renovation and construction by promoting energy-saving buildings along with effective resources use to gain maximum benefits, to be safe for the environment, by promoting green spaces around and in the area of each building to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, protect health and promote productivity of people in the building. The concepts for green building designs are as follow.

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Energy and resource saving

Mahidol University aims for designs that seamlessly integrate the environment in relation to its eco-university strategy when it comes to energy-saving building design. The buildings would be designed to have good airflow, allowing for a natural cool breeze, and ample natural light, reducing energy consumption. Moreover, electrical equipment installed inside has been improved for better efficiency and energy savings, such as the use of LED lights, automatic building control, and the installation of natural renewable energy systems.

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Building Building
Building design

Mahidol University's building design incorporates environmental and natural elements to create a sense of natural harmony among the occupant’s inside. It is also a way to protect one’s health and increase productivity. Mahidol University’s architectural design uses heat-tolerant and heat resistant materials, as well as durable and low-maintenance materials. As shown in Mahidol Learning Center Building and Athittayatorn Building, International College, the building design considers the quality of life of everyone and all classes, such as wheelchair routes and convenient steps for pedestrians.

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Less pollution, more green spaces

Mahidol University encourages adding more green spaces externally and internally through structural design to support landscape improvement of the building by planting trees in and around the buildings to support eco-university policies and develop good health and well-being for both students and personnel. A gardening competition is also held to encourage organizations to improve the university's landscape. Aside from adding green spaces, this also aids in pollution reduction by absorbing carbon dioxide.