No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, Mahidol University seeks to be a leader in sustainability. Through its four sustainability strategies; Research and Innovation, Education, Community and Social Engagement, and Management, the university has developed academic, research, and people for sustainable communities in consideration for the efficient uses of resources, social equality, and better quality of life of its faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding communities. As a nation’s leading higher education institute, Mahidol University is a place of knowledge that produces competent personnel driving the nation’s development. There are some groups of people, however, who are also competent but with no chance to receive quality or higher education to continue and develop their knowledge. In order to promote the academic future of those people, the university provides financial support through educational funds, grants, as well as welfare benefits and student loan funds, giving opportunities for students to actively pursue their education while helping unloading their families’ financial burden in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal SDG 1: No Poverty.