Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

SDG4 Mahidol University strives on being a leader in sustainability in response to the United Nations Sustainability Development Agenda 2030. The university has developed academic activities, research, and people for sustainable communities in consideration of efficient uses of resources, social equality, and better life quality of its faculty, staff, students, and surrounded communities with its 4 sustainability strategies; Research and Innovation, Education, Community and Social Participation, and Management. Mahidol University is a national leading higher education institute as it provides, create, and expand fields of knowledge with education as its priority. As education is the basic of knowledge creation for life, with more knowledge, there is more development capability. Mahidol University opens opportunities for better accessibility for everyone to study in levels of certificates, bachelor degrees to doctoral degrees, including providing short and long training programs in fields of knowledge, and supporting and encouraging online learning instructional media to expand knowledge and advance skills required in increasing work potential, as living in the society that is changing and fast developing. Such operation is a guarantee that everyone can access quality education comprehensively and equally while it is a support lifelong learning opportunities for everyone in every level