Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Mahidol University strives on being a leader in sustainability in response to the United Nations Sustainability Development Agenda 2030. The university has developed academic activities, research, and people for sustainable communities in consideration of efficient uses of resources, social equality, and better life quality of its faculty, staff, students, and surrounded communities with its 4 sustainability strategies; Research and Innovation, Education, Community and Social Participation, and Management. The university is attempting to reduce inequalities and create equality for all groups of people with different races and religions, so that they have opportunities to build the future through participation, and be a part of the society while being socially responsible together. The university provides an organization assisting people with disabilities, courses that welcome them, as well as specific courses that provide knowledge on working and assisting people with disabilities. Infrastructures are provided for all groups of people to access with ease, while career and income supports for people with disabilities and their equalities and social roles are promoted to reduce inequalities according to the tenth Sustainable Development Goal