Improving Access to Clean Water and Sustainable Water Management: A Case Study of Kanchanaburi Campus’’’’s Water Supply System

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Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus has developed a sustainable water supply system that provides clean water to the campus and surrounding communities, promoting access to clean water and sustainable development.

Mahidol University's Kanchanaburi Campus has taken significant steps to improve access to clean water and sustainable water management through the development of a comprehensive water supply system. The university's commitment to becoming a green institution is reflected in the sustainable use and management of resources, including water.

The water supply system developed by Mahidol University's Kanchanaburi Campus is in line with the regional water supply standards and the recommendations of the World Health Organization for the Kanchanaburi campus area and surrounding communities. The system provides access to clean water for consumption and other purposes, consistent with Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.




To ensure that the surrounding communities also have access to clean water, Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus has signed a cooperation agreement with the local authorities. This agreement includes the construction of a water supply system that meets the standards of the Regional Water Supply Authority and WHO, the establishment of a community water supply management committee, and the signing of an agreement to provide water supply services from the university to communities in the Lumsum Sub-district, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province.


In order to support sustainable development and guarantee that the local residents have access to clean water, Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus and the surrounding communities have entered into a collaboration agreement. Kanchanaburi campus is leading the way in fostering sustainable water management and setting an example for other organizations and communities to follow in creating a more environmentally friendly future.



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Lum Sum Subdistrict Administrative Organization