Operations for Sustainability

Operations for Sustainability
Operations for Sustainability
Operate the University in a sustainable manners
Energy Efficiency
Green Procurement
Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
Landscape & Building
Water Consumption
Circular Economy
Effective communication
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Sustainable and ethical in restaurant policy
Organization unit that promotes sustainable development
Strategic Goals
1. To be leader in national and international health policies that could direct the society
2. To be a regional university with excellency in:
- Academic services hub
- Medical services hub
- Wellness hub
- Medical product and device hub
Strategic Intiatives
1. Build systems that drive and promote policy advocacy
2. Strive to all kinds of service system with international standard certification
3. Create management system for excellency in academic services
4. Promote and drive service hub building, including a hub or cluster of medical product and device
5. Expand the efficacy and accessibility quality service to target groups internationally
6. Cooperate with partners in developing services, researches, innovations and new products in response with social needs which could be transferred to commercial use
7. Develop process that integrates culture, economy, and technology to create creative economy
8. Promote leadership in creating internationally-qualified accreditation/certified body
Case Study
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    20 Oct. 2565
    Produce tap water from natural raw water sources
    Amnatcharoen Campus produces tap water from natural raw water sources to provide students and staffs can use basic consume utilities systems.
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    19 Jun. 2565
    Organizing an expert workshop on health, wildlife and livelihoods
    Series of workshops to discuss and find solutions to wildlife and environmental problems that affect human lives, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, was organized to encourage the discussion of the issues and to compile the ideas from the discussion into a discussion paper that could be used as a policy guideline for the recovery of human health, poverty reduction, sustainable resource use, and environmental protection.
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    20 Oct. 2565
    Asian summer monsoon variability during the Holocene: a synthesis study on stalagmites and tree rings from Thailand and China
    Teak tree-ring and stalagmite can be compared to create climate line in the past up to 3 centuries, including showing the relationship with climate change from far away such as “Enzo” phenomenon.
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    7 Oct. 2565
    Safety and Hazardous Waste Management
    Waste management policies. Waste management policies implementation.
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    30 Jun. 2565
    Hazardous Waste Management Company Performance Assessment Project
    Mahidol University is a teaching and learning university. Mainly medical and scientific research. From Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment policies and practices 2014. To concerning support for proper use of resources and have an efficient waste management system. The Center for Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment (COSHEM) has therefore established a hazard management project within the university. Chemical hazardous waste projects and biological hazardous waste projects are established. By managing waste systems including waste sorting, waste storage, and waste disposal. The Center for Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment (COSHEM) is a central agency for the coordination and procurement of hazardous waste disposal companies that operate under the control and supervision of government agencies and has been certified as required by law and receive hazardous waste disposal within the faculty/division.
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    21 Oct. 2565
    The Master Plan of Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, B.E.2551
    The Key Concepts of Mahidol University is Green University
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    21 Oct. 2565
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm , Organic farming , source of learning for good health of Thai People
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    18 Oct. 2565
    Good Governance of Mahidol University
    Mahidol University has a policy to develop the organization to be effective and good governance. That aims to be determined as a world-class university.
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    10 Oct. 2565
    Mahidol University Cafeteria
    Mahidol University cafeterias are available in several locations to support the needs of students, personnel, and the general public. There are a wide variety of food products that meet the needs of consumers.
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    7 Oct. 2565
    Solar Powered Boat to Promote Sustainable Tourism Policy
    The DASTA and Koh Mak coastal communities can benefit from solar electric boat technology transfer as a tool for tourism management and coral conservation. The solar electric boats will replace the use of motor boat fuel, eliminating carbon emissions and soot contamination from burning that can damage coral reefs. This transfer of technology can help promote sustainable tourism policies and reduce the potential for long-term environmental damage. The communities can use the solar electric boats for a variety of tourism-related activities, including recreation, sightseeing, touring, and fishing. Additionally, the solar electric boats can be used to monitor and protect coral reefs from overfishing, pollution, and other threats. These boats can also be used to create educational programs and promote environmental stewardship among local communities.
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    7 Oct. 2565
    MU Green Rankings
    MU Green Rankings is the tool for assessment of environmental and sustainability performance of faculties or departments in Mahidol University
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    1 Jul. 2565
    Home Chemotherapy RAMA Model
    Home Chemotherapy RAMA Model increases the effectiveness of treatment, reduces costs, improves the quality of life for patients, as well as improves Thailand’’s cancer care system for people’’s health sustainability
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