Good Governance of Mahidol University

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Mahidol University aims to be a “Zero Corruption University” by operating in accordance with good governance principles from upstream to downstream. (Creation of honest core value - Development of operating systems to prevent corruption - Suppression of corrupt person)

Mahidol University has a policy to develop the organization to be effective and good governance. That aims to be determined as a world-class university and participating in the Integrity & Transparency Assessment (ITA) of the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. In order to drive a good governance and ITA of the university effectively and completely, vision, mission and strategic objectives have been defined as follows.


Mahidol University is transparent and anti-corruption


(1) Rising a culture of honesty

(2) Effective prevention of corruption

(3) Effective suppression of corruption


To be the “Zero Corruption University”

(1) Promote the honest core value

(2) Develop an effective anti-corruption system

(3) Effectively suppress corruption

In order to achieve the strategic objectives, good governance driving committee has been created. The committee is responsible for proposing policies, measures, setting up systems, and working on assessing the integrity and transparency of the university operations from upstream to downstream (upstream is rising honest core value, midstream is development of the operating system to prevent corruption, and downstream is suppression of corrupt persons)

Mahidol University has encouraged a good governance, for example, the preparation of Mahidol University's Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2019-2022 to be used as a guideline for the prevention and suppression of corruption, the announcement of “No Gift Policy” to encourage the core value of integrity (I), emphasizing on the risk that may lead to all corruption forms under the good governance operating to be a strength and sustainable organization. Moreover, there is a training to educate and communicate the good governance to faculties and departments using ITA. As a result, many faculties and departments have to prepare anti-corruption action plan, which will result in the university being more efficient and effective in preventing and suppressing corruption.




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