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    20 Oct. 2565
    Produce tap water from natural raw water sources
    Amnatcharoen Campus produces tap water from natural raw water sources to provide students and staffs can use basic consume utilities systems.
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    20 Oct. 2565
    Asian summer monsoon variability during the Holocene: a synthesis study on stalagmites and tree rings from Thailand and China
    Teak tree-ring and stalagmite can be compared to create climate line in the past up to 3 centuries, including showing the relationship with climate change from far away such as “Enzo” phenomenon.
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    25 Aug. 2565
    Royal Project Foundation: Conservation of local and rare plant genes for sustainable development towards international SDGs goals
    Survey of genetic diversity, local plants and botanicals to create a database of plants, boundaries of plant genes. Amnat Charoen provinces began in the year 2012-present by Amnat Charoen campus together with the forest community Amnat Charoen province and Amnat Charoen provincial administrative organization under Plant Genetic Conservation Project under the Royal initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The objective is to meet the work on local herb database, for plants in the form of a provincial plant museum of Amnat Charoen province and study the guidelines for processing agricultural products from local plant resources, it strengthens the community network potential and creates a bond between the university and the community. Operated by surveying and collecting local plant data in forest communities, Amnat Charoen province. Prepare a database of diversity and distribution of local plant. Including the processing of forest products. The project focuses on participation with local agencies, schools and communities in the area, leading to a result on forest conservation, knowledge about diversity of local plant resource, awareness of plant genetic conservation in Amnat Charoen province.