Produce tap water from natural raw water sources


All Amnat Charoen Campus students and workers can use clean water sources by producing tap water from natural raw water sources to provide students and workers can use basic utilities.


Amnat Charoen Campus has 2 operating areas, namely

  • Government center area at Non-Nam Tang Subdistrict, which is used as the main operating area today
  • Sang Nok Tha Subdistrict, which began construction of the dormitory, office building, community learning and environmental research center, Training and operations center since 2020

Mahidol University has a policy to promote green universities. With a focus on cost-effective water use and sustainable resource management, Explore and make plans for the development of basic utilities. To support the implementation of Amnat Charoen Campus in Sang Nok Tha Subdistrict area which is a subdistrict with less utilities.  Since most areas have rocky terrain and located in Phu Sing-Phu Pha Phung Forest Park and develop the university's water management system to continuously use tap water and cover all university without effecting the surrounding communities, is consistent with Sustain Development Goal (SDG) article 6 Clean Water and Sanitation and ensure that water and sanitation will be provided for everyone and sustainable management.

Water supply system from natural raw water sources

Amnat Charoen Campus developed and built a water supply system from natural raw water sources by using raw water sources from natural pools, with pumps 3 horsepower, the pumping rate of about 100 cubic metres per day through the groundwater pipe distance of about 500 meters into the raw water pump building, Through the fast stirring pipe, entering the chemical building beside the Training and Operation Center. The interior consists three of automatic chemical filling tanks, 500 liters, including an alum filter tank, a lime filling tank and a choline filling tank respectively. Then, the water that passes through the Choline filling tank will be forwarded to the sedimentation tank and automatically filtered (6 cubic metres). before forwarding to the clear water tank (reinforced concrete) wells 1 and 2 with high water pressure before pump and pay to the office building and dormitory.



Building designer, Community Learning and Environmental Research Center and is draft master plan of Amnat Charoen Campus where is located at Sang Nok Tha Subdistrict

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