Good Health and Well-Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Mahidol University specializes in the health sciences, with various medical research programs and treatment innovations, and provides knowledge about health to the Thai people. Each year, the University produces many medical graduates, such as doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff. Mahidol University operates 8 hospitals providing healthcare services for all diseases. Between 2020 – 2021, the hospitals treated 11,766,282 outpatients, 284,931 inpatients, and 1,094,908 dental patients. Mahidol also supported medical treatment fees of 4,213,371,169.45 baht for poor patients, to reduce inequality and increase access to medical care. Mahidol University has a variety of specialized disease centers, such as a Stroke Center, Kidney Center, and Cancer Center. The University has driven many projects to promote a healthy lifestyle and organized educational events and conferences about various diseases, such as the activities included in World AIDS Day, World Cancer Day, and World Obesity Day with the correct exercise programs and methods. Furthermore, Mahidol University has established Mahidol University’s Counseling Center, “MU Friends”, to provide mental-health counseling and other supports to students and the public. The Adolescent Clinic counsels young people about the teenage problems that arise as they enter adolescence, such as drug addiction and sex-related matters. The University also provides sports facilities and fitness centers for students and staff. Mahidol University is a smoke-free university that participates in a campaign to educate people about the negative impacts of smoking and persuade people to stop smoking for better health. Mahidol University is a leader and role model in the ASEAN University Network -Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN), for the purpose of health promotion in the ASEAN region, sharing knowledge, skills and resources to develop innovative solutions to common health challenges in the region.

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    9 Mar. 2565
    Thalassemia Prevention and Control
    Thalassemia and other hemoglobin abnormalities are the most common hereditary diseases in Thailand and other parts of the world.
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    20 Oct. 2565
    Produce tap water from natural raw water sources
    Amnatcharoen Campus produces tap water from natural raw water sources to provide students and staffs can use basic consume utilities systems.
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    30 Jun. 2565
    Hazardous Waste Management Company Performance Assessment Project
    Mahidol University is a teaching and learning university. Mainly medical and scientific research. From Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment policies and practices 2014. To concerning support for proper use of resources and have an efficient waste management system. The Center for Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment (COSHEM) has therefore established a hazard management project within the university. Chemical hazardous waste projects and biological hazardous waste projects are established. By managing waste systems including waste sorting, waste storage, and waste disposal. The Center for Occupational Safety, Health and Workplace Environment (COSHEM) is a central agency for the coordination and procurement of hazardous waste disposal companies that operate under the control and supervision of government agencies and has been certified as required by law and receive hazardous waste disposal within the faculty/division.
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    9 Jun. 2565
    Immersive Virtual Environment for Training of Dental Surgery
    An immersive virtual reality dental simulator that provides a 3D stereoscopic visualization of the entire dental operating room environment.
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    11 Mar. 2565
    Thailand: Trans Fat – Free Country
    The high level of trans fats in various foods, which is higher than the WHO standard (> 0.5 grams/meal), increases the risk of coronary heart disease
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    21 Oct. 2565
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm
    The Ramathibodi Healthy Farm , Organic farming , source of learning for good health of Thai People
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    26 Aug. 2565
    The outreach and development assistance project to support poor early childhood groups in early childhood development centres and early childhood who are out of the education system in Bangkok
    Developing and strengthening education equality mechanisms with agencies’’ partners in caring for and helping early childhood groups in Bangkok and developing information systems for planning to reduce inequality in education and follow up to support early childhood groups.
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    18 Oct. 2565
    Marine Spatial Planning: Application to local practices
    This project assembles data from multiple countries, including the U.S., in order to coordinate a meeting of all stakeholders. It is anticipated that this will produce guidelines to shape maritime practices in the test areas in the coming year.
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    11 Oct. 2565
    Gender Variation Clinic: Gen V Clinic for LGBTQIA+ of all ages
    The Gender Variation Clinic is a clinic providing medical services for all ages by professional and multidisciplinary medicine
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    10 Oct. 2565
    Mahidol University Cafeteria
    Mahidol University cafeterias are available in several locations to support the needs of students, personnel, and the general public. There are a wide variety of food products that meet the needs of consumers.
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    7 Oct. 2565
    Project: Thai Coast: Coastal Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation in Thailand
    The Thai-coast project is helping improve scientific understanding of the vulnerability of Thailand’s coastal communities to hydro-meteorological hazards, including storms, floods and coastal erosion, under future climate change. For the study sites in Krabi and Nakhon Si Thammarat Provinces, key findings are that modelled future climate change indicates more extended and severe floods in Southern Thailand with the risk of flash floods increasing significantly, and erosion and accretion rates are more dramatic on mangrove coastlines compared with sandy coastlines. Despite variable physical and socio-economic resilience, the two study sites have comparable coastal vulnerability index (CVI) values. Project results impact through public engagement, dissemination and dialogue with policy makers and coastal communities.
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    03 04 09
    10 Mar. 2565
    Mobile Stroke Unit Tele Consultation and Patient Transfer ; A One-Stop Service for All
    MSU-SOS is a model project that aims to improve the efficiency of teleconsultation and Ischemic stroke treatment using a Mobile Stroke Unit. The onboard CT Scanner, which is teleconsultation compatible, scans an image of the patient’’s brain and communicates with a medical team via 4G/5G technology, a high-speed wireless network, to make an immediate decision to deliver a thrombolytic agent. It also enables the medical team to inject contrast media to monitor cerebrovascular functions, resulting in a faster and more accurate diagnosis and a shorter referral procedure. As a result, the rate of disability, mortality, and loss to the patient and family is lowered, and the expense of the fund for long-term disabled patient care is reduced.
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