Research and Innovation for Sustainability

Research and Innovation for Sustainability
Research and Innovation for Sustainability
World class research on health & well-being and environment
Interdisciplinary research projects addressing the SDGs
Start-up funding
Research in Clean Energy/Renewable Energy/Marine
Strategic Goals
1. To create a fast-increasing number of high-quality research
2. To develop management system supporting efficient and productive research
3. To create innovative researches
Strategic Intiatives
1. Create multi-generation and multidisciplinary by improving human resources management and establishing supporting funds
2. Promote Global Connectivity by cooperating with national multi-institutes/research projects with global impact
3. Create a complete system of research value chain promotion with demand-driven researches, and promote researches that result in global and social impacts, useful for the society and financially.
4. Create research and innovation complex that consists of open (multidisciplinary) lab, technology transfer office, co-working space, business, co-product design, design thinking, to be the space of activities, bringing co-operation between government and private sectors
5. Promote higher ranking specific-discipline researches
6. Establish bases of new branch of science to keep up with the national demand
7. Quickly increase the number of ready-made researchers
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