Capacity Building for Female Entrepreneurs and Leadership Learning Program for Transwomen in Business Organizations


The College of Management has set a good example for the business community on gender equality in the business sector.  The alliance with partners from the business and NGO sectors will place special emphasis on our concern on gender equality from the management's lens.




College of Management supports and promotes women as business leaders. The college prohibits all forms of discrimination against women. In certain organizations, discrimination against women on the job and leadership positios remains a concern. Therefore, there is a need to promote and encourage leadership opportunities, role models, and motivation for women in business.

This initiative was conceived by a group of CMMU academic members who are interested in business and gender equality. The primary objective of the project is to produce a new body of knowledge to improve management skills, leadership, and gender equality standards for corporations. Other objectives include:

  • Adopting education and research to establish a body of knowledge on empowering and leadership for women in business. It also includes techniques to acquire new competencies in business administration, such as information technology and decision making.
  • New knowledge development and promoting such knowledge to female entrepreneurs.
  • Development of learning and teaching resources on gender equality, professional development for transwomen in business


Processes and Activities


2022 International Women’s Day

Sustainability Unit organized a forum on leadership decoding for women with RMIT University, PRME ASEAN Chapter, and SET. Speakers of the event include Professor Ngan Collins, Priya Shamar, and Ann Scott (Miss Universe Thailand 2021)



Two academics from CMMU produced and published research papers in this area. Assoc. Prof. Chanin yupetch published his paper on Women empowerment, attitude toward risk-taking and entrepreneurial intention in the hospitality industry in the International Journal of Culture Tourism and Hospitality Research (Q2). Assoc. Prof. Nattavud Pimpa also published his paper, Overcoming Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurship Education, in Frontiers in Education (Q2).  Both studies aim to develop the theory, concepts, and knowledge on skill development for women in the business sector..


Diversity Thailand Training

The College of Management has formed an alliance with the non-governmental organisation Bangkok Rainbow Organization (BRO), which advocates for LGBT people's health and civil liberties. Working with the non-profit Trans for Career, our team created instructional resources for the general public. Instead, it places special emphasis on transwomen and the promotion of full LGBT equality. As simple as it sounds, trans women nonetheless face barriers to employment. Opportunities for transwomen in leadership roles, as well as the advancement of women's leadership in technical fields and in the making of strategic decisions, are major themes in this curriculum.



Participants at the events

Citation of two papers



UN PRME ASEAN Chapter, RMIT University, Bangkok Rainbow Organization 

Assoc. Prof. Nattavud Pimpa
UNPRME, RMIT University, SET