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    10 Mar. 2565
    Mobile Stroke Unit Tele Consultation and Patient Transfer ; A One-Stop Service for All
    MSU-SOS is a model project that aims to improve the efficiency of teleconsultation and Ischemic stroke treatment using a Mobile Stroke Unit. The onboard CT Scanner, which is teleconsultation compatible, scans an image of the patient’’s brain and communicates with a medical team via 4G/5G technology, a high-speed wireless network, to make an immediate decision to deliver a thrombolytic agent. It also enables the medical team to inject contrast media to monitor cerebrovascular functions, resulting in a faster and more accurate diagnosis and a shorter referral procedure. As a result, the rate of disability, mortality, and loss to the patient and family is lowered, and the expense of the fund for long-term disabled patient care is reduced.
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    27 Jun. 2565
    The Innovative Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit
    Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has launched an innovative rapid COVID-19 antigen test kit that can provide an accurate result within 15 minutes at an affordable price and easy-to-use. The technology to manufacture and distribute was provided by AFFINOME CO., Ltd., the only Thai manufacturer in 24 lists approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).