The Association Study of Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms and Air Pollution in Bangkok Noi Community in Healthy Thai Project.


        The create knowledge on air pollution and allergies for citizens in the Bangkok Noi community and develop an AQI Alert System equipped with proper instructions.To study the association of rhinitis symptoms and AQI levels and the fine particles matter (PM2.5).

           According to the Bangkok Noi Model Project Phase 1 survey results, allergies are the top three illnesses among the community's populations of all ages, with 34% of those allergies being respiratory allergies, which corresponds with a higher incidence of rhinitis, allergies, and asthma worldwide. Increased air pollution and climate change are two possible causes.
           Laboratory studies on rhinitis symptoms were conducted on two groups of people who inhaled "air pollutants + allergens" or "allergens-only." The first group had significantly more symptoms, according to the findings. However, the relationship between allergic rhinitis symptoms and air pollution levels has never been studied in actual community populations.

           The public can understand the air quality by reading and interpreting the Air Quality Index (AQI). However, according to academic evidence, people still don't understand the AQI value or don't have time to look at the data. As a result, they need help following the advisories properly.


Targeted groups / Beneficial Outcomes:

          Main targeted groups: To reach 100 diagnosed cases with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma of populations in the Bangkok Noi community.

Beneficial stakeholders: Even if their screening results were negative (non-allergic rhinitis), all participants in this project could receive an alert and knowledge via the project's official LINE account (260-299 participants joined the project's official LINE account).


Beneficial Outcomes:              
This project started disseminating knowledge and alerting on AQI + PM2.5 from November 15th, 2022 - March 31st, 2023.

 -  Provide public communication on air pollution and allergies.

 - Provide alert system and advisories for Air Quality Index (AQI) & Fine Particles Matter (PM2.5).


This project was organized within the Bangkok Noi community, and the following activities are planned:

  1. The screening process for this project taught all participants about allergic rhinitis symptoms. Those whose positive screening results will be given an allergic skin test and an appropriate diagnosis and treatment to improve their quality of life.
  2. The project's official LINE account will send participants air quality alerts and advisories to help them prepare for air pollution, such as wearing a PM2.5 protective mask or spending less time outside to reduce the pollution's health impact.
  3. One of the primary targets of this project is the Bangkok Noi community's school teachers, as they are the primary sources of knowledge about air pollution and allergy for students and their guardians, who are also community residents. When poisonous air quality occurs, school teachers can also establish school policies.
  4. This project has prepared and distributed all necessary information about air pollution, rhinitis, and other related issues, including choosing a protective mask/air purifier, to participants via the project's official LINE account. Approximately 40% of Bangkok Noi school teachers are expected to participate.
  5. Created educational media about air pollution, fine particles matter (PM2.5), and its effects on people's health and distributed it to everyone in the community through the project's official LINE account.
  6. Created educational media about appropriate practices/advice for daily air quality. From November 15th, 2022, to March 31st, 2023, these practices/advisories will be published daily.
  7. Created educational media about PM2.5 protection, such as selecting a protective mask/air purifier for distribution via the project's official LINE account.
  8. This project was created with the cooperation and support of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) for alert systems and advisories on air quality value and fine particle matter (PM2.5) for people in the community.
  9. Prepare public relations, participant screening, and operate this project on air quality education and alert the people in the community with the cooperation and support of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Wat Suwannaram Community, Schools in the Bangkok Noi community, and other government agencies. This project can be used as a project/policy model for other agencies in different contexts to implement air quality alert systems.




Institutes in Collaboration:
Wat Suwannaram Community Committee     
Thonburi Locomotive Garage Unit     
Bangkok Probation Office 1   
- 7 Schools in Bangkok Noi community:             
                Suwannaram Wittayakom School,        
                Wat Suwannaram School,          
                Wat Amarinthararam School,  
                Satri Wat Rakhang School,         
                Khosit Samosorn School,            
                Wat Wiset Kan School, and        
                Chinorot Witthayalai School    
- The Air Quality and Noise Management Division, Environment Bureau, Bangkok       
- The Healthy Thai Project working group, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
- The Division of Corporate Social Responsibility, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
-  Office of the Health Promotion Fund (ThaiHealth)

the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.
1.Wat Suwannaram Community Committee, 2.Thonburi Locomotive Garage Unit, 3.Bangkok Probation Office 1, 4. 7 Schools in Bangkok Noi community, .5.The Air Quality and Noise Management Division, Environment Bureau, Bangkok