Child and Adolescent Clinic Online Services


Build knowledge and academic service, and provides developmental promotion services for children with problems from birth to adolescence so that children and youths can be taken care of and corrected promptly and accurately. It will reduce various problems, resulting in children becoming quality citizens of the country.

The Children and Adolescents Clinic is responsible for public knowledge and academic service. It is also 

responsible for providing developmental and promotional services early to children who have experienced problems from birth to adolescence. This early intervention allows for an opportunity to reduce the potential future challenges the children may have and lead them to grow into upstanding quality citizens. 

          As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Children and Adolescent Clinics had to adjust their operations to be consistent with the safety of the users and providers. Therefore, we organized an online service. Within this side, clients send clips of children who need to consult with the doctor and therapist. The doctor and therapist will evaluate these clips and advise on a VIDEO Call. From this service, the clients can recive continuous treatment while reducing the risk of COVID-19 infections and reducing the time and distance restrictions. 


Type of services             

     1. Consulting: The service in this form is related to developmental and mental health consulting. The doctor will VIDEO Call and advise the patients.
          1.1 Providing knowledge through an online platform. This type of service is divided into three types as follows:
          1.2 Promoting the developmentally delayed and Special needs children
           We provide knowledge services and techniques to promote child development, such as "I Care Skills for child care worker" and "Children with Autism Deep Analysis Connecting to the World". We are providing information on a total of 6 topics. This service is proper for parents; we accept ten persons per round.
      2. Teacher Classroom
           We provide the knowledge, services, and  techniques to take care of the children in the classroom, such as children's emotional and social support and understanding of student  behavior. We are providing the information on a total of 5 topics. This service is proper for teachers; we accept ten persons per round.
      3. Knowledge service "Parents Classroom" will be available online through the ZOOM program throughout August 2021 and will include the following activities:
          1) Activity "Music in the House for Development Promotion"
          2) Activity "Massage to strengthen bonding, good for the heart and body" (for children aged 6 months to 6 years)
          3) Activity “Qigong for Development Promotion”
          4) Activity "Bring your inner child out: Let your childhood shine"
          5) Activity "Physical activity for kids with special needs : Physical activity for special needs children"

The advantages of “Child and Adolescent Clinic Online Services”

- In the COVID-19 situation, clients can receive continuous treatment.
- The clients who live far away or in the countryside can use the service.
- Providing information about child development to diverse groups, such as parents, teachers, and others.
- During knowledge sharing, we encourage participants to share their experiences with one another.
- Normal children, children with developmental delays, and children with special needs all receive appropriate care. 
- Parents, teachers, and caregivers have the expertise to care for their children and lessen their stress

              Before we start running the Parents Classroom, Child and Adolescent Clinic has organized a “Family Discussion” forum to discuss and exchange information between family and staff about the knowledge that the family needs the clinic to support. We will start running the Parents Classroom when we receive the data from this forum. Then, the parents can use this knowledge to take care of their children with developmental delays/special needs and take care of their mental health. After that, we will provide the ability to the public and make the course accessible.


Statistics on child and adolescent clinic services




Assistant Professor Kaewta Nopmaneejumruslers, M.D. Mrs. Tamara Sumalrot