The Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center


Academic Center for the Control and Prevention of Tobacco Consumption Problems in Thailand

Mahidol University has signed an agreement to implement a health promotion program, the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The 4th phase of the work plan was operated by the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University. Later, the 5th phase of the work plan has been operated by the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University (since August 17, 2018), conducting various activities such as summarizing the meeting agenda of the Economic Policy Study Group on Tobacco, meeting of the academic advisory committee to determine key research issues, Thailand Tobacco Consumption Statistics Report, Academic Conference "Cigarettes and National Health", etc.

The Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center is the academic and knowledge management center aiming to be a leader in managing and creating empirical knowledge for Thailand's tobacco control with processes and works that are in accordance with academic and ethical standards and have associated international networks both regionally and globally.

This phase has specific objectives as follows:

1. To develop research management and support system. The work plans are integrated and coordinated with other research agencies in order to develop important academic works on tobacco control, both in policy aspect as well as studying the results and effects of tobacco consumption - in terms of health, society, economy, leading to publicizing. In particular, it can be pushed into a public policy; to control tobacco consumption.

2. To Synthesize academic works for Policy Advocacy The Synthesizing academic works are according to the lesson learned and managing the body of knowledge and Media Advocacy regarding tobacco control, particularly the offers driving changes in the national level which lead to the promotion campaigns with different sectors of society. There’s, additionally, supporting to the report arrangement of and exchanging information with international agencies according to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

3. To develop a database system regarding research projects, body of knowledge, and information related to tobacco control (Big Data), as well as being a center for disseminating research publications, knowledge, and information on tobacco control, communicating research data to the policymakers and policy drivers-both nationally and locally.

4. To establish and develop a network of knowledge generators on tobacco control linking with knowledge users at various levels, in the hope to support the tobacco control’s objectivity and sustainability with the annual reports of the situation of tobacco consumption, along with the body of knowledge and research communication in the form of leaflet on knowledge and Policy recommendations, the research journal issued by the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center, and the infographic from the tobacco control campaign.

Additionally, there's an establishment of the E-learning program called EVALI and Health Impact from Electronic Cigarette which is an Internet-based E-learning format that focuses on tobacco control aiming to enhance awareness by transferring knowledge, understanding, advice and care guidelines to educate people, which will benefit directly to physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals-including those working in tobacco control, researchers, academics and people to be aware, completely and accurately, of the dangers of e-cigarettes and their health effects.

Tobacco Control Research by the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center 1:

- Prevent the interference of tobacco businesses in public policy.

- Tobacco price and tax measures - Prevention of Tobacco smoke

- Regulation on compounds and disclosure of tobacco constituents

- Control the packaging and labeling of tobacco products.

- Educate and raise public awareness

- Regulate advertising and marketing of the tobacco industry

- measures to help quit smoking - Measures to control illegal trade in tobacco products

- Regulate the sale of tobacco products to minors and their sales by minors.

- Promote the cultivation of crops to replace tobacco

- Tobacco Business Liability

- Research, survey and exchange of information

- e-cigarette control


TDC: TRC Data Center Is a data warehouse of knowledge from research studies for solving problems of tobacco consumption.  Which has classified all research results into 2 characteristics

1.Classified by tobacco control strategy MPOWER  of the World Health Organization

2.Classified by the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control



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Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center