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    11 Mar. 2565
    Thailand: Trans Fat – Free Country
    The high level of trans fats in various foods, which is higher than the WHO standard (> 0.5 grams/meal), increases the risk of coronary heart disease
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    1 Sep. 2565
    Climate change Resilience of Indigenous SocioEcological systems (RISE)
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created by United Nations. It emphasizes the right of living in the land, boundary and the use of resources of ethnic groups which have lived, occupied, and used for long time. In this context, ethnic groups have the right to live,to find food and continueto live in a traditional way. This makes the maintenance of traditional and sustainable food systems an urgent priority for the United Nations. It has been made as United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples’ Issues: UNPFII for ethnic groups officially. However, despite important declarations supporting ethnic groups, but they are highly still vulnerable to climate changes, environmental crises, and other factors.