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    19 Jun. 2565
    Organizing an expert workshop on health, wildlife and livelihoods
    Series of workshops to discuss and find solutions to wildlife and environmental problems that affect human lives, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, was organized to encourage the discussion of the issues and to compile the ideas from the discussion into a discussion paper that could be used as a policy guideline for the recovery of human health, poverty reduction, sustainable resource use, and environmental protection.
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    11 Mar. 2565
    Animal Speak by Mahidol
    Animal Speak by Mahidol with an aim to promote a positive attitude towards animals and educate children and youth regarding animal behaviours and their natural habitats, the university has established ’’Animals Speak [by Mahidol] aired on the Mahidol Kids, Mahidol Channel on Youtube.