Mahidol University, Thailand's top university, produces high-quality graduates for society and aspires to be a World Class University with its motto "Wisdom of the Land." There are a variety of curriculums in both arts and sciences including which are knowledge resources, knowledge creation and knowledge enhancement. This is not only knowledge from textbooks, but also a method of learning by doing. People who study with us will receive an education that is highly holistic and free of discrimination based on gender, religion, or disability. Everyone has the right to equal learning as well as the right to equal access to activities and extracurricular learning.  This is to support with the fourth sustainable development goals of Quality Education (SDG 4: Quality Education).
Mahidol University provides curriculums for high school or pre-university education, undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of courses and subjects in both Thai and International Programs.
Mahidol University also offers the following high school or pre-university curriculum: