Mahidol University has supported in well-being of the university’s students and staff. The health services are as follows.

Mobile unit provides annual health check-up for staff in both government sectors and private sectors. The check-up team members who are physician, nurse, nursing assistant, medical technique, and specialized fitness check-up officer are highly experienced in health care services.

Royal Dental Center has continuously operated the program’s objectives up until now. These are the lists of operated activities.

(1) To arrange royal mobile dental unit according to the action plan set by the project’s committee, or the royal people visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, or Her Royal Highness’s graciousness in arrangement for oral check-up, sealants, fillings, scaling, extraction, and removable plastic-based denture insert (from time to time) to students in schools under the Royal Initiative Project.

(2) To support people with cleft lip deformity, cleft palate, and patients having facial deformities after surgery or complex oral diseases whose cases are exceed capability of treatment from local health centers. They have been admitted to the Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University which will be responsible for surgery, orthodontics, and related cases of prostheses with free of charge.

(3) To arrange activities of preventive dentistry by providing advice on dental health education to students and teachers in the schools under the Royal Initiative Project.

(4) To conduct research to analyze problems and factors related to oral diseases, and to explore appropriate procedures in prevention by studying in ecological factors, behaviors, and nutrition in the schools under the Royal Initiative Project.

The dental clinic does not provide only mobile unit,

In addition to the work of the dental unit but it also continuously operates other projects as follows:

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University is a medical institution that has performed social responsibility (CSR) since its inception until the present. Therefore, a strategy has been established to emphasize and cultivate personnel at all levels and departments to do CSR in order to bring benefits and happiness to society. Siriraj Volunteer Center has established under operation of social activities Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital To operate as an activity coordination center that accepts volunteers and gathers volunteers both within the organization and outside the organization. It is a way to pass on the concept of working for society as a whole to the general public to have the opportunity to participate in improving the quality of life of Thai society.

The Siriraj Volunteer Center also serves to build network partnerships with the government, state enterprises, the private sector, and independent organizations such as the Siriraj Medical Alumni Association under Royal Patronage, Mahidol Volunteer, a volunteer network. and volunteer banks, etc., so that all sectors can participate in helping society together, bring the greatest benefit to Thai society and sustainability