Equality is right to access an opportunity or to equally obtain things without discrimination against age, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Mahidol University is an educational institute where it has diversity of students from different domestic and international coming in to study for career advancement, broaden knowledge for organizational development, society, economy, and diverse people working in Mahidol University. This is the reason that Mahidol University focuses on equality in this institute with equality respect for everyone in all groups, races, and religions to together create social opportunity, along with social interaction, being a part of society, and have social responsibility.
Statistics of students , personnel divided by gender and disability person
Educational Equality
Mahidol University has Disability Support Services which supports disabled students to equally access to learning system and university teaching. This is to create coexistence of society between the disabled and the public. These services are
Individuals’ learning management by counseling, disabled support services with faculties and divisions so that university’s lecturers can manage suitable learning for disabled persons including facilitating exam such as time extension and assisting with exam reading, etc.
Media production services based on the individual needs of disabled, for example, Braille and bas-relief
Technological tools and amenities services, for example, wheelchair, touchpad/trackpad, portable ramp
Braille display: screen reader program or screen enlargement for visual impairment
Volunteers to support disabled based on their individual needs
Support disabled to participate in the university’s activities to develop skills to coexist with others in society.
Share feedback about Universal Design environment and allow students to access and to use
Prepare for readiness and create a profession opportunity by organizing study visits, and prepare a career for disabled to develop themselves to become entrepreneurs.
Gender Equality
Mahidol University focuses on gender equality starting from vacancies postings which are genderless. They could be male, female, or LGBTQ. We are confident that all people have their intention to perform quality work. Whenever they have a necessity, not being able to come to work, whether a minor sickness, or personal business, they can apply for Employee Leave Entitlement/Staff (Division). Female will have an additional entitlement that is maternity leave for a maximum of 90 days. Male also requests leave for paternity leave to take care of his child and wife after giving a delivery for a maximum of 15 working days, and for military service as a specific period according to the government.
Moreover, there are activities to promote gender equality; for example, “HeForShe University Tour: Bringing Gender Equality to Your Campus!” which makes students to realize gender equality through discussion and case studies from experienced activists, actors, and feminists in the campaigns of “Don’t tell me know to dress” and “Tell men to respect”. Activists and students discuss and brainstorm for solutions as well as the exhibition of social power in stopping sexual harassment which is a part of campaign #DontTellMeHowToDress
There is a specialized services called Silom Community Clinic. The clinic is a specialized health care center for solving problems in HIV epidemic which is a heavy burden in the groups of bisexuals, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), transgenders, ladyboys, and transgender women (TGW).