Mahidol University is an education institute where it produces quality graduates and research projects in multidisciplinary areas. The university aims to produce quality graduates based on the concepts and policy in country development. Learning management responds to meet the varieties of learners’ needs. This is to produce and improve capability and proficiency of human capital as well as enhance education level and research projects for the country with system management development, quality of life, environment, national competition, opportunity creation, social equality which are consistent with the fourth sustainable development goals - Quality Education (SDG 4: Quality Education).
Curriculums of Mahidol University
Level of Education
Master’s Degree
Graduate Diploma Program
Doctoral Degree
Courses and Subjects
Science and Technology
Clinical Medical Sciences
Public Health
Social Science, Humanities, and Liberal Arts
Linguistic, Culture, and Education
Environment and Natural Resource
Moreover, Mahidol University acknowledges that promotion in an opportunity for quality education is important. This opens for public to improve their knowledge foundation, knowledge development, and essential skills for work (Re-skill, Up-skill, and Add-skill).
MUx is a learning resource that responds to learners’ needs where the learners can access to knowledge resource anywhere, any time with free of charge.
Short courses and training in various subjects arranged by Mahidol University’s divisions are an open education for interested public to learn or train regardless of age.
1. Mahidol Apprenticeship Program Curriculum
(MAP-C) is subjects opening in graduate curriculums. The programs allow the public to study in these subjects which the credits can be transferred to the graduate program of Mahidol University in the future.
2. Mahidol Apprenticeship Program Extra
(MAP-Ex) is short courses and trainings arranged by Mahidol University’s divisions. The operation and management are directly in charge by the divisions.
Graduate School, Mahidol University joint with Coursera open a platform for online learning with top world class universities and organizations. (Limited number)
is an up-skill and re-skill platform for Mahidol University’s students, staff, and alumni.
LINKEDIN is one of social network platform which is a communication way to promote learning, public relations, information exchange, news, announcement, or activity. This channel makes it more efficient and can promptly communicate to Mahidol University’s students and alumni. This also support a concept of SMART UNIVERSITY
Learning resources in health science education will enhance knowledge and skills to faculty, physician, nurse, and staff of health science education. They can extend knowledge and skills in education, teaching, education research, varieties of teaching techniques, coaching or counselling, and so on; for example, teaching students in pre-clinic and clinic, exam improvement, education research, online media and multi-media application in effective teaching, and creative PowerPoint Slide creation. (For staff of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital. There are fee applied)
In addition to the university's foundation courses and online learning courses that improve the skills of interested people, Mahidol University produces programs to communicate and pass on knowledge that is easily accessible to everyone via television and online platforms.