& Innovation

“Creativity” is a start of creating “Innovation”.
When creativity can develop to be real and beneficial, we call it “innovation”. Organization creating innovation should support staff to have creativity in work, and give an opportunity to develop their creativities and apply to create innovation for continuous development.
Innovation is an opportunity which creates unlimited success and wealth to organization. The most important factor is creativity to create new innovation or new services to meet the clients’ needs. Mahidol University has units where they support the university’s drive in research and academic, intellectual property management, research cooperation, private sector negotiation aims to broadcast knowledge and commercial technology – Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Mahidol University (iNT).
Continuous development in organization is one of the important factors in growth and success of organization. International College, Mahidol University can provide consultation that matches your organization’s needs and can help you to compete in the business world where it is rapidly changing. Our expert team can provide you fully support comprising of Big Data and Technology Management is to support systematic Big Data storage that suitable to the need of organization, and can design technology or artificial intelligence to support your business to smoothly operate and develop in modern digital world.
  • Business Enhancement can support business in planning relating to organization and staff, organizational strategies, human resources management and development, improvement in working efficiency, and employee engagement.
  • Design Solution in buildings development where they are under control of experts to be suitable for use and be the best workplace.
  • Tourism Management: Tourism Management and Strategic for Tourism in the level of domestic and province is to support sustainable tourism which will increase employment and support culture and local products by 2030.
Mahidol University has established
“Mahidol University National Laboratory Animal Center” under the operation of Faculty of Veterinary Science. The objectives are to service and support scientific animal testing of university’s divisions aligned with The Animals Scientific Procedures Act 2015, to provide consultation to the university’s the Animal Husbandry and Use Committee, and to prepare document for animal use protocol, to provide consultation to animal facility, and animal husbandry and use for scientific purposes in accordance with the relevant standard, to provide consultation in animal testing research.
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth supports an increase in continuous economic growth, inclusion, sustainability, full employment, achievement in productivity in higher economic level through diversification, upgrade on technology and innovation including focusing on high-valued added and intensive labors, and decent work for everyone.