Climate Change

Mahidol University realized that importance and urgency of climate change impact on environment and human well-being. This is to promote collaboration with external community to combat in the climate change. Faculty, staff, and students are a part in driving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in SDG 13: Climate Action to prepare for urgent operation on climate change and its impact.

Activities at the university, such as

- Planting activity is to increase green space and absorb carbon dioxide such as World Environment Day activity, planting activity at Amnat Charoen Campus and Nakhon Sawan Campus.

- Waste segregation aims to reduce the amount of waste in landfills while also changing the behavior of students and staff, such as volunteers collecting waste at the His Majesty will Lives in Mahidol Hearts event.Furthermore, there are university-organized activities like the Mahidol Student Life Market (Green Market).

Activities outside the university, such as

Student clubs activities such as volunteer clubs including Suksa club, Country club, MU Youth for Next Step club , and Rotaract club. There are many activities for students to go out and learn about the culture and way of life outside of the classroom with the local community and improve the school in rural areas. In addition, the university also provide natural and environment conservation projects for students such as Mangrove Forests Conservation and The 21st Reforestation Project to honor of his Majesty the King. These projects undertaken to mangrove forest restoration which involve replacing previously planted areas as well as planting in nearby areas. This will help avoid and alleviate problems harming marine and coastal natural resources.