Climate Change

Mahidol University realized that importance and urgency of climate change impact on environment and human well-being. This is to promote collaboration with external community to combat in the climate change. Faculty, staff, and students are a part in driving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in SDG 13: Climate Action to prepare for urgent operation on climate change and its impact.

A sample of University Internal Activities

Garbage Collection Volunteer in the Remembrance Day of Bhumibol His Majesty

A sample of External Activities

Student Activities of Mahidol University, for example, Mahidol Volunteer Center

There are activities which students can explore for learning, culture and ways of life outside the classes. In addition, there are the projects which encourages students to protect nature and environment to coexist with us for a long time.

For example: Mangrove Forests Conservation and The 21st Reforestation Project to honor his Majesty the King

These are the projects which manage to restore the areas of degraded mangrove forests by replanting in both same areas and the surrounded areas. This will help for preventing and solving the problems which impact natural marine coastal resources.