Wastewater Treatment System

SDG 6 : Clean water and sanitation

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Wastewater treatment plant of Mahidol University is an aerobic process using activated sludge with designed capacity of 3,000 cubic meters per day. Normally, the daily influent from 17 faculties is about 1,000 cubic meters. After treated wastewater is disinfected by using bio chlorine (eco-friendly), it will use as recycle water surrounding area for plant watering and shuttle bus washing. In 2019, Recycle water supply system was expanded to wastewater treatment plant office, shuttle bus parking, Faculty of Veterinary Science, National Institute for Child and Family Development, College of Religious Studies, and National Laboratory Animal Center for plant watering, equipment washing, stables washing, animal cages washing, and bus washing. The total recycle water usage is 7,266 cubic meters which can reduce tap water consumption cost by 196,182 Baht and greenhouse gases emission by 2.35 tons CO2eq.