Rakkaew Project

SDG 11 : Sustainable cities and communities
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

On 9 March 2017, the Rakkaew Foundation signed a memorandum of cooperation with Mahidol University. The cooperation covers the development of the target areas to provide learning and action areas for students and faculty. Student Potential Development is Developing curriculum and summarizing lessons to expand the results in other educational institutions. The goal is for the students who participate in the project to have knowledge and understanding of the development process according to the sufficiency economy philosophy, able to apply in daily life and become a network of students to drive development according to the philosophy of economics. Sufficiency to create benefits for the community and society. Which Mahidol University has been assigned as a leader to drive work in the central region by supporting 2 strategies, which are 1st strategy: promote the development of sufficiency economy philosophy in agriculture and rural areas, and 2nd strategy promote the development of driving according to philosophy Sufficiency economy in the education sector.The Mahidol students under the Rakkaew Project along with the community dwellers of Salaya and Maha Sawat agreed to use sufficiency economy philosophy to promote community tourism by designing new eco-tourism routes. In addition, the students’ bicycle handover project inspired development of tourism program by bicycles.

Moreover, the students organized an activity to participate in collecting water hyacinth in the canals and learned how to make fertilizers from water hyacinth, develop seedlings and prepare planting areas for community agricultural development in the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center of Ban Khlong Yong and Khlong Maha Sawat communities.