Anti-Drowsy Driving Alarm (ALertz)

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According to official data on road accidents, the current rate of road accidents is increasing every year. The main reason is due to drunk driving or sleepy and driving. The value of the damage caused by insomnia in Thailand tends to increase every year. For this reason, it is the source of innovation. “The device helps to warn sleepy while driving with brain signals” under the product name “ALERTZ”, a technology developed for detecting the possibility before opiates. To alert the driver in advance before causing an accident Which has the main technology is the integration of brain signals in the front area and eye movements during driving Head movements during driving are also included in the system. There is also wireless communication and can connect to a smartphone. ALERTZ is based on the research of a group of students from the Center for the Connection of the Brain with a Computer. (Brian-Computer Interface Center) Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Mahidol University and for development into the industrial sector Researchers in the team collaborated with Team Precision Public Company Limited to establish Finest Med Design Co., Ltd., the first startup company by a group of students in the Department of Biological Engineering. physician That focuses on producing innovations in biomedical engineering.